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My Quick Review: Run All Night

My first thought was, Is this Taken 4? You gotta admit, Liam Neeson has been sticking to the all-familiar hero character.

Well, in Run All Night, there’s not a good guy in sight. Two childhood pals grow up to basically be rivals. Neeson plays Jimmy Conlon, an hitman infamous to his peers, who takes on his old pal and former boss Shawn Maguire, played by a rough and aged Ed Harris.

Conlon tries to protect his estranged son Danny, after Conlon kills Maguire’s son, who tried to take Danny’s life.

The movie is action-packed and won’t leave you bored!

Mark says: It’s Liam Neeson. Why don’t you have your movie tickets yet?

In theaters March 13, 2015.

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