Mark Breta


This site started out as Mark’s music website. It extended into the work he’s done on the radio. Now it has his blog and a mirror for his vlog. And you can also stay in touch.

Visit often to see what comes next. More vlogging. Possibly a new podcast. Maybe write a cookbook. Mark and one of his best friends have been thinking of going on a food adventure. He also likes to travel. And sometimes he just wants to have a good conversation.


At the age of 7, Mark began playing the piano that his parents bought the year before he was born. Continuing to foster his musical skills, he began singing in high school. After graduating college, Mark continued in music as a college instructor and recording artist.

In 2001, Mark released his first independent solo project, His Voice, His Heart. He toured the United States, performing at various conferences and events. He also released an EP entitled ’03, which included three theme songs he wrote for an annual youth conference. More recently, he has been involved with leading music in churches, and he plays keyboards and sings in a band.

Media & Production

Mark has been involved with media since childhood. Along with hosting radio shows on cassettes for his friends, he also voiced commercials for his family’s business. Later, Mark worked with K-Love Radio and 101.9 The Mix (WTMX-FM) in Chicago. He served as Production Coordinator and Senior Producer for a national radio network, involved with nationally syndicated programs Midday Connection, Treasured Truth, and the podcast Bring to Mind. Mark also has experience as an on-air announcer/disc jockey, and he continues to do voice-over work.

In 2010, Mark and his buddy Mark Baggio hosted The Mark and Mark Show podcast. The guys say they’re hopeful the show will come back someday.

Mark continues to produce and host other features and is currently developing various podcasts. He currently co-hosts and co-produces Millrose Podcast. He also assists in the production of Everyday Prayer Podcast hosted by Lori Neff and Anita Lustrea Faith Conversations. Mark co-created and produces the podcast Abscond with Ethan Renoe.

You can also follow Mark’s video blog on his YouTube channel (on hiatus).

Other stuff…

Outside of music and media, Mark fills his spare time (when he can find spare time!) with cooking, comedy, watching football, some light reading, and occasionally getting hooked on a good TV show.

You can learn about Mark’s world by reading his blog or connecting on social media:

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Some of Mark’s unofficial public and sort-of-public appearances

  • Comedy Central Presents: Mike Birbiglia (you can see Mark on the TV special, in the audience)
  • CBS Sunday Morning (Mark and his friend Abby were in the front row of a taping of NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me)